Auto CPAP SI-A20
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Auto CPAP SI-A20


1. Screen: 3.5 inch white/5 inch black

2. Work Mode: CPAP、Auto CPAP

3. Pressure Range: 4-20 cmH20

4. Boost Sensitivity:3 levels

5. SPO2 Kit: Optional

6. Heating tube: Optional

7. Ramp: 0-60 minutes

8. Noise:<30 dB

9. Humidifier: 0-5 Level

10. Size: 243mm*181mm*110mm

11. Weight: 1370g

12. Download the data:TF card & USB port

13. Accessories: Mask,Tube, with Humidifier,Carrying Case,Filter,TF Card,Power Cord

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Intelligent constant temperaturepreheating in advance

Optional function of heating pipeline canensure the output gas temperature andmake the patient more comfortable duringthe treatment.Preheat in advance to avoidusing the air too cold in winter.

Automatic light recognition

Under different light intensities, the screenbrightness is automatically adjusted, whichis clearly visible under strong light and awayfrom the stimulation of bright lights at night.

Precise target tidal volume algorithm

Accurately calculate the tidal volume of eachbreath, compare the average value with thetarget value, calculate the pressure supportrequired to reach the target value, andensure the target tidal volume.

Data Management Cloud Services

The machine can directly use wifi to connect to the network conveniently and quickly, witha SD card to check the usage through the host computer software, conduct comprehensivedata analysis and generate usage reports. After binding the device to the cloud platform,users can remotely view data reports and usage trend graphs through mobile phones or computers

Intelligent delay boost pressure stable output

Intelligently adjust the pressure according to the user's falling asleep to improve the user'scomfort. The pressure sensor with high sensitivity and good stability is used to preciselycontrol the treatment pressure and reduce the impact of pressure changes on the user.Built-in overnight mode in AutoB mode continuously monitors ventilation and upper airwayconditions and automatically adjusts to simplify patient titration and treatment.

SPO Kit Optional

Real-time monitoring of the patient's blood oxygen saturation, so that the patient's bloodoxygen level is stable, and it is easy to trim various functional organs of the body, so thatthe patient can easily maintain the treatment effect.

Multi-mode selection curative effect upgrade

The intelligent APAP mode sets the operating pressure according to the patient's last userecord to ensure that there will not be too many breathing events during sleep, and thetreatment effect and comfort are better.Corresponding to the needs of different users, itprovides a variety of treatment modes to choose from, so as to achieve the treatmenteffect and ensure the user's comfort.




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