Hydraulic Rescue Bed RB-8A
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Hydraulic Rescue Bed RB-8A


1.Specification: total length 2150mm, full width 830mm

The bed board is 1880mm long,620mm wide,560 ~890mm high and low, and 0 ~75 ° backKnee lift 0~ 40 , tilt adjustment-18°~18°.

2.Safe working load: 220kg

3.Back lifting system: controlled by silent double gas spring, it has strong load-bearingand good stability.

4.High and low lifting system: imported oil cylinder control, more stable quality.There arefive circular cylinder protection sleeves made of ABS injection molding on the outside ofthe hydraulic cylinder.The overall color is coordinated, which is not easy to accumulatedust and is easy to clean.

5.Bed plate: made of anti Beite material, with higher strength and no deformation.

6.Frame: made of high-quality steel elbow welding.

7. Guardrail board: PP resin molding guardrail boards on both sides,with a height of300mm, have better safety protection, and can also be fixed horizontally to increase thewidth of the bed, so that the arms of the infusion patients can be placed comfortably; Italso has a double safety lock to lock, prevent misoperation, and improve the safety ofoperation.

8.The angle display is set on the guardrail board, which is convenient to understand theangle of back lifting during nursing; There are grooves in the middle of the guardrails onboth sides to prevent the catheter from sliding and facilitate infusion and drainage.Eachside of the guardrail is riveted by 5 die-casting aluminum and 11 stainless steel rivets, withhigh strength. There is a transparent anti-oxidation layer on the surface of die-castingaluminum to prevent rust spots caused by oxidation reaction of aluminum castings for along time.

9.Casters: four central locking casters with a diameter of 200mm are used. The fourcorners of the cart are equipped with a caster control system, one foot braking,and thefour wheels are fixed at the same time.

10.The central control brake linkage rod is formed with an integrated round tube toensure higher strength.

11.Independent central fifth wheel system: control pedals are installed on both sides ofthe cart, and the central fifth wheel moves freely when it is stowed; When in use, it is in the"straight ahead" state (the step bar is 105mm above the ground, and the trafficability isbetter),which overcomes the inertial force in the transportation process,effectivelycontrols the forward direction, and makes the transportation process safer.

12.There is an integrated tray under the bed, which can place oxygen bottles. It is easy touse, and the tray can bear 10kg.

13.Both sides under the side of the bed are equipped with infusion racks, which can befixed and collected.

14.Mattress: the surface of the fabric is waterproof, easy to clean, equipped with zippers,the external fabric can be washed, and the 7 cm sponge is comfortable to lie down.

15.There are anti-collision wheels and anti-collision blocks around the bed, which have abeautiful appearance and can play a protective role in preventing collisions during theimplementation process.

16.Push handle: there is a P-shaped push handle at the head of the bed, with foamingtreatment on the surface, comfortable grip, and can be folded and put down when not inuse, which is convenient for medical staff to take first aid measures. There is a U-shapedhandle at the end of the bed, and the surface is treated with plastic to improve the gripand aesthetics

17.Spray steel bed frame, after acid pickling and phosphating, carry out electrophoresistreatment, and then spray powder double-layer spraying, which has better protection.

RB-8A (1)RB-8A (2)RB-8A (3)RB-8A (4)RB-8A (5)RB-8A (6)

1.1 bed body;

2.2 integrated guardrails;

3.4 central control casters;

4.4 sets of central control locking pedals;

5.One set of the fifth wheel of the center;

6.2 integral lifting oil cylinders;

7.2 back lifting air springs;

8.Knee handle 1

9.One integrated bottom tray;

10.1 infusion rack;

11.4 jacks of standard infusion stand;

12.1 WATERPROOF mattress;

13.1 recording desk (optional);




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