Fiber Gastroscope FIB-30A
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Fiber Gastroscope FIB-30A


1. Diameter of distal- end:中9.8mm / 9.2mm

2. Diameter of insert tube:中9.8mm / 9.2mm

3. Clamp aperture:中2.8mm

4. Working length: 1030 mm

5. Total length: 1330 mm

6. View of field: 100。

7. Depth of view: 3-100mm

8. Tip deflection:up 210° down 90° L/R 100°

9. Water delivery:40ml/min

10. Air delivery:800ml/min

11. Liquid absorption:600ml/min

12.Bending operation: Traction chain structure, whole sealed waterproof

13.Image display: Two image display optional

14.Quality certification:

15.Warranty : One year(free), permanent repairs (not free)

16.Package size :64*18*48cm (G.W.:5.50kgs)

Cold light source

1. Voltage: 220V-240V

2. Frequency: 50-60HZ

3.lamp Power: 15V-150W environmentally friendly halogen tungsten lamp

4. lumination: 70000LX (using special measuring tools)

5. Color Temperature: 3000~7000K

6. Air Pump Pressure: 30-60kpa Air Flow: 4/L/min-10L/min (Quiet pump)

7.Electric switch : AB light two sets light source

8.Main Function:

    Adopt Philips Medical environmentally friendly halogen bulb light, medium cold reflector irradiation.

    Built with micro axial fan cooling temperature.

    Adopt dimming electronic control unit organization.

    Dual-lamp light sources, the lamp can be freely exchanged in order to extend lamp life,convenience to the operation

9.Package box:54*47*27.3cm (10.54kgs)

Camera System

1. Voltage: 220-240V

2. Frequency: 50-60HZ

3. System: PAL

4.Image regulation : Automatic regulate light, keep the image EMVat its best processor : DSP-Digital image processor with powerful multi-function , Brightness /

color / contrast adjustable 0- 100 level , Svideo / AV output.

6.Reverse function :Black and white reversed.

7.White balance : Auto white balance , manual white balance.

8.Manual white balance :Manual white balance can be calibrated color, color adjustable(Red, Blue).

9.Electronic shutter : 10 level electronic shutter adjustment.

10.Metering : Average metering, peak metering, metering area delineated.

11.Contour enhancement : 10-level contour enhancement.

12.Lens optional : Manual lens, automatic lens, video lens three optional.

13.Sharpness adjustment :0-30 sharp changes of the image in fine processing.

14.Digital WDR :Digital broadband function.

15.Backlight compensation : Improve the average brightness of the whole screen

16.Cama line :Cama line clarity 6 level adjustment.

17.R/L Mirroring: The left and right mirror position can be changing.

18.Package size :50.5*46* 20cm (G.W.:8.5kgs)

LCD Display

1. Display size: 15"

2. Power Supply: External Power Supply 12V

3. Resolution: 1024X768

4. Display Ratio: 4:3

5. Color: 16.7M

6. Camoration Brightness: 180士10 cd/m

7. Max.Brightness : 400 cd/m

8. Contrast Ratio: 700:1

9. Viewing Angle: 120/140 Response Time: 8ms

10.Package size : 44*36.5*16.5cm (G.W.:6.0kgs)

Equipment vehicles

1. Size : 500 * 700 *1350mm

2.Package size:118.5*63.5*22cm (G.W.:44.5kgs)

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