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Archmed Turnkey Hospital Project in Algeria Numidia Syphax Clinique

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Algeria, Africa's largest country in terms of land area, has beautiful coastlines, vast deserts and rich oil resources.

Our team has been invited to do designing the hospital equipment plan for Numidia Syphax Clinique in Oum-El-Bouaghi, together with our local agent B.O.T.A since mid-2017.

This is one of the best private hospitals in the city. It is a comprehensive hospital with 3 operating rooms, ICU, maternity room, IVD, emergency room and professional medical imaging department, with a total of 40 beds.

The customer's requirements are demanding, and they even asked us to provide electricity generator equipment together. 

Our team worked closely with our distributors to make solutions for customers selecting all fit equipment. 

Finally, our professionalism and investment impressed the hospital owner.

We got this project together with BOTA.

All the goods loaded by 3pcs 40HQ containers, which were shipped in October 2017. At the end of 2017, customers cleared and picked up the goods smoothly.

However, due to the slow progress of the hospital construction contractor about the building, and the customer's eagerness to open the business,In March 2018, after the Chinese New Year , Rushed to Algeria. 

we led a technical installation team of 4 engineers to take 20hours flight to arrive at Algiers airport, and immediately transfer to road by car of 8hours driving to arrive in the city of Oum El Bouaghi.

As the installation site building has not been completed and the local conditions are limited, we and the distributor technical team have overcome many difficulties, including power outages and bad weather. After three consecutive weeks of work, the installation and commissioning of all equipment has finally been completed. 

We Also provided basic training to doctors and hospital engineers.

Our professionalism and dedication have won the praise of our customers. The hospital owner invited our team to be a guest at home and warmly entertained us.

What we are doing is a hospital project, but also a bridge of friendship between Algeria & China to understand and trust each other.

Due to the unstable local political situation in Algeria, and the slow progress of the hospital's civil construction and renovation, the hospital was officially opened on December 1, 2019.

After opening, we also keep in close contact with the hospital to track equipment usage and answer customer questions.

The Archmed team worked hard to build this project into our sample project in North Africa.



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